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New, Free Scanner Protects You at Home

Can a new security tool protect notoriously vulnerable home computer networks?

Several new WiFi and network security scanners have appeared this year. The latest is Avira Home Guard, available for Windows desktop and Android devices. It scans the wireless network in your home and detects and notifies you of vulnerabilities and possible fixes. It identifies devices that are vulnerable to attacks and makes you aware of threats you might not even know exist.

Home users typically buy hardware like WiFi routers or rent them from their Internet providers and forget about them until they are replaced. Security patches and updates are rarely if ever given a passing thought. Yet we all know that the hackers never sleep and are always probing and attacking networks looking for ways in. When they find a vulnerability, they can be confident that few people who use that device are going to be rushing to plug the security hole and protect themselves. After all, we are not security experts and this isn’t our job.

New Tool Identities Threats in Home Networks

Avira doesn’t just tell the user about threats, it offers suggestions and solutions. According to the company of the more than 845,000 smart devices scanned during the product’s beta period, more than 137,000 (16.2%). With the rapidly expanding “Internet of Things” (IoT) enabling network connectivity for everything from your thermostat to your television to your refrigerator, the number of points of entry for attackers will only increase and the amount of personal information contained in these smart devices and accessible to criminals on our home networks will increase dramatically in the coming years.

Avira found that the average network had 6 connected devices with Computers, Smartphones/Tablets and routers make up 68% of devices. The rest were a wide range of devices from entertainment to home automation devices. One of the most frightening categories of devices are the growing number of cameras, presenting the very real possibility of not only capturing your data but capturing you on candid camera.

Take Action to Protect Yourself

At MyProfyle, we believe this threat is further proof that everyone’s information is at risk from many different sources and that we are all exposed multiple times per year. The solution to identity fraud is not to try to lock your identity or seek unobtainable privacy but to control your identity – not just your credit – by putting yourself in the position know of, approve or decline activity conducted in your name. That’s MyProfyle Free For Life ™ Identity Protection.

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