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Stolen Facebook Credentials Threaten 30 Million

Three weeks ago, Facebook revealed a serious data breach that affected up to 50 million people. Now they have revised that number down to “only 30 Million” but the breach remains one of the most serious in history not just because of its size but because of the far-reaching impact it will have. In our …

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Download Fortnite not Malware!

The most popular video game in history, Fortnite Battle Royale, is finally available to Android users but because it is not available through the Google Play store, many people will be tricked into downloading copies of the game hacked to include hidden malware. Just over a year old, its fair to say that Fortnite has …

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Chinese Microchips Spying On Us

Recent US concerns about Chinese cellphone-maker ZTE producing phones susceptible appear to be just the beginning. Amazon uncovered a vast program by the Chinese to hack US-bound computer servers by installing a secret chip that unlocked them for the Chinese. The extent of the threat is unprecedented. It’s only the size of a grain of …

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Facebook Breaches 50 Million Users

Facebook faces fines of $1.63 billion after hackers gained access to 50 million users accounts and tried to harvest private information including name, sex and hometown. Facebook cannot determine the extent of the hackers’ access to Facebook or the thousands of third-party sites that users log into using their Facebook accounts. Its been a rough …

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Parents- check

Parents: Check Your Child’s Credit History

Experian estimates that 25% of children will become victims of identity theft before adulthood. This year, parents can take advantage of a new law to check your children’s credit history and protect them from identity theft that can throw their lives into chaos. Children represent one of the fastest growing groups of people victimized by …

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Mobile Data breach

T-Mobile Data Breach: Millions of Customers

Free WiFi sounds great, but unsecured WiFi is truly a great threat. [Update] On Friday, August, 24, According to Motherboard, T-Mobile updated their statement to say that encrypted passwords were in facts stolen, as MyProfyle suggested was a real possibility. Further analysis by independent security experts suggest that the encryption is vulnerable to hackers. This past …

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LifeLock Breach Unlocks Accounts

After years of legal trouble over its business practices, LifeLock has allegedly exposed its users to a new threat through an unsecure website, exposing its users’ personal information at risk. The latest in a series of embarrassing flaws and exaggerations by LifeLock may be the most serious as it appears to have put its entire …

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Free Scanner

New, Free Scanner Protects You at Home.

Can a new security tool protect notoriously vulnerable home computer networks? Several new WiFi and network security scanners have appeared this year. The latest is Avira Home Guard, available for Windows desktop and Android devices. It scans the wireless network in your home and detects and notifies you of vulnerabilities and possible fixes. It identifies …

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